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The Daily News is a newspaper that you receive daily in the game Beholder.

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Article Front page Text Voice of Truth Text
Breaking news! Breaking news! Several hours ago, a series of explosions took place at the convenience storage goods facility on Krushvice Street. No one was killed but 15 people were injured. The situation is under control, so there's no reason to panic. Now for the weather: Tomorrow, look for winds from the north, a high of 60 degrees, and light showers. Voice of Truth 7 Comrades! We have spoken - and spoken loud! The explosions took place at the plant where State officials were planning to introduce 14-hour shifts! The government won't listen to our peaceful voices, so let it hear our cries of war! We will force them to respect the rights of workers! If they continue with their plans, we'll turn the Ministry to Rubble!
Dead Words Dead Words The Ministry of Truth has noticed a rising interest in philosophy books, including the works of Paul Williams, who died a century ago. His writings describe obsolete ideas that have been proven to be unrealistic; however, they still capture people's minds. The Ministry believes the notion of society without government, in which the freedom of personal choice exists, is dangerous and should be destroyed in all its forms. Voice of Truth 3 The fact that our society is capable of understanding Paul Williams' ideas en mass proves his unique talent and ability to word things simply. We should encourage interest in the great thinkers of the past if we want to progress and initiate a dialogue between the people and the State.
Philosophy is nonsense.
Death by Needle Death By Needle The son of the miners' trade union leader was found unconscious after criminals reportedly pumped him full of drugs. He's being treated and rehabilitated at the hospital. The Ministry of Order advises citizens to be alert and interfere with any attempts to manufacture and spread drugs. Remember: your children could be next! Voice of Truth 2 Drugs are a huge problem in our society. We should've started dealing with them a long time ago, not wait for a VIP to get in trouble. By the way, this isn't the first well-known son has been at the center of a scandal. Was he really a victim?
Food Poisoning Food Poisoning An unfortunate gastronomical incident took place yesterday in coal mine no. 29. Following lunch at the local dining hall, an entire shift of workers came down with food poisoning. The exact reason is unknown, although all of them ate the fish soup. Investigators have established that Rosa Ranek, the cook, was in charge of preparing and serving the soup, and they are questioning her. We should also note the iron will of the workers, who, despite great pains and a terrible fever, returned to work, realizing how much the State needs them in this time of war. Voice of Truth 5 State officials are once again trying to turn someone into a scapegoat for something that's their fault! The cook simply couldn't make soup that would poison people; it's more rational to suggest the products were rotten to begin with, and were probably bought that way because they were cheaper. Worst of all, the sick miners had to return to work, not out of loyalty, but out of fear of being fired.
Cooks should eat what they make to avoid things like that!
One Nation, One Langauge One Nation, One Language The Ministry of Care would like everyone to use the national language. We are one nation, and should speak one language," The Minister said. Ministry officials say these measures will increase public safety, making our country less vulnerable to spies and turncoats. The latter include everyone who stores foreign literature and speaks a foreign language. Voice of Truth Overcome by another fit of paranoia, the Ministry of Order now considers every foreigner and foreign culture enthusiast a spy, including those who are here legally,With such an approach, all we're be good for is selling coal! How can we deal with neighboring countries if we can't talk with them?
Why shouldn't we require them to speak our language?
Theatre Scandal Theatre Scandal The first evening performance of the capital play "On Love and Peace" resulted in a scandal. Part of the audience left before the end. "Plays should portray real people, not silly stories that have nothing to do with reality," said Bruno Raus, head of plant No. 1's recreationg department. The theatre administration promised to shut down the play and ensure future plays don't upset the workers. Voice of Truth 4 Once every three years, great actors come to our nowheresville and receive a cold welcome! "On Love and Peace," the latest play to premiere at our local theatre , was shut down when raging miners refused to watch the love story. It's hard to blame them. There's no place for feelings in the life of a common laborer; just work, quarrels, and grocery store lines. But comrades! Let's not allow our slavery to take away our aesthetic sensitivity! Go to the theatre!
Who will work, then? The country needs our labor, not shows!
Water Tragedy Water Tragedy A tragic incident took place yesterday near Port Shier. The Goliath, which was carrying a load of coal for export, was set on fire and sank. By the time the Coast Guard found the barge, there was no one left to save. Those who escaped the flames must have drowned or been attacked by sharks. Allegedly, the vessel was also carrying 10-15 unregistered passengers. An investigation is being carried out, and a vacancy for a barge has been opened on that route. Voice of Truth 6 Our condolences to those who lost family members in the barge accident. It's unfortunate our fleet is in such terrible condition and isn't safe to use. It's even sadder that, despite this, people are still trying to escape the country; due to the deteriorating quality of life. We advise you to not fall victim to the scammers promising paradise abroad; more often than not, our well-being is the last thing that matters to them. This can lead to tragedy.