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Crime and punishment
Crime and punishment
Who issues: Ministry
Time to perform: 48 hours
Reward for execution: $750 50RP
Penalty for not completing: arrest

Description[ | ]

Watch Jacob Manishek. You can buy cameras in the store.

Actions required:

Conditions[ | ]

The quest Accession is completed.

Answer the phone and accept the task.

Completion[ | ]

Part 1[ | ]

Search apartment 2.
Install a camera in apartment 2. This triggers Jacob to come home.
Gather data on Jacob Manishek. You can find up to five interests (+75RP each):

  • Likes to gamble. Find deck of cards and dice in his apartment.
  • Dangerous tendencies. Find broken bottle in his apartment.
  • Smokes a pipe. See Jacob smoking.
  • Drinks. See Jacob drink alcohol.
  • Doesn't make trouble. Find empty bottles in his apartment after observing him drinking.

Call the Ministry. Get the reward (+$500, +50RP). If you fail this part, you will be fined $250 and be threatened with arrest, but it will still progress to part 2.

Part 2[ | ]

Wait for Jacob Manishek to make drugs in his apartment. Gather evidence (+75RP).
Write a report on Jacob Manishek. Get the reward (+$250).

Part 3[ | ]

Repair apartment 2 (-$500).
Find a new tenant. This will be either Alloisius Shpak or Jones Popanedo. Get the reward (+$1000, +50 RP).

Part 4[ | ]

Call the Ministry. Get the reward (+$1000, +250 RP).

Hint[ | ]

Before writing a report, you can submit a profile of Jacob Manishek with all interests discovered (up to $875) and blackmail him to earn $1000 after the first time he makes drugs.

Then observe Jacob Manishek the second time he makes drugs (+75RP) and make a report (+$250).

Consequences[ | ]

The rewards gained during the tasks are detailed in the Completion part.

Access to the tasks Trust and care and That which is hidden will be revealed.