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Christopher Danson
Christopher Danson
This first responder loves to work and hates to be off duty. He looks like he's exhausted.
Gender: Male
Job: Police officer
Location: lives with wife

When available for settlement[ | ]

Settles after Zlata Schimmer has been hit by a car.

Interests[ | ]

Is afraid of his boss. Persuade him to tell you about his life.

Beats his wife. See him beating his wife in his apartment.

Smokes a pipe. See him smoking or find tobacco in his apartment.

Drinks. See him drinking.

Christopher Danson's father turned 88! Find a letter in his apartment from his father.

Personal items[ | ]


Blue shirt



Green tie


Red caviar

Open-faced sandwich

Soda (Foreign)

Special items[ | ]

Tasks provide with[ | ]

Additional information[ | ]

If he is arrested, his wife moves out.

Christopher is one of the tenants in the dlc that can help you avoid the blissful sleep program 3 times!

Christopher is scared of his boss, and self aware about the fear he causes as a police officer. He speaks about his abusive childhood at the hands of his father.

He is scared of his boss, and seeks a different job.

He says he “beats his wife because she wants him to”