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Carl Stein
Carl Stein
The main character. Married to Anna Stein.Has two children: son, Patrick, daughter, Martha
Gender: Male
Job: Landlord
Location: Basement

Description[ | ]

Carl Stein is the protagonist of Beholder, who has been tasked with being the landlord of Krushvice, 6. The player controls him and his actions throughout the game.

Biography[ | ]

Carl was promoted by the Ministry to be the landlord of Krushvice, 6. Throughout the game, he is expected to do tasks for the Ministry, his family, and even for various tenants.

As such, much of his story changes depending on the actions of the player, though some things remain the same throughout a playthrough.

Personality[ | ]

Carl's personality depends heavily upon the actions of the player when interacting with other characters and what things he does. For example, he can provide for Patrick to go to school or completely reject him and send him to work in the coal mines.

Much of Carl's true personality, ironically, can be seen in the areas where the player does not control him: primarily in the endings of the game.

Tasks involved in[ | ]

Involved in all tasks in the core game.

Additional information[ | ]

  • He was recently appointed the Landlord of an apartment block on Krushvice, 6. It is his job to spy on his Tenants for the Ministry.
  • Carl does not have to sleep, as he has had an experimental sleep medication injected into him that suppresses his need to eat or sleep.
  • Carl was dating Anna for 3 years before they got married.
    He is a person which is cloned in Beholder 2. The clones replace eliminated co-workers. When we get to 25 floor, we may be able to talk with "Carl Zero" to give him memories from Beholder 1 and make him regret them to fix next clones.