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Canned fish
Icon canned fish
Sell: $3000
Buy: $9000

Description[ | ]

50 cans of questionable fish...

Acquisition[ | ]

Can only be obtained by talking to Jones Popanedo and accepting his task Great offer.

Use[ | ]

Its main use is to complete the task Great offer.

It can also be directly sold to Nathan Kehler for $3000(through the traditional shop interface, not the option). Note that directly selling it will not progress the task.

Additional Information[ | ]

Jones Popanedo took the cans from the boat that he was on, claiming that they did not belong to anybody.

The cans seem to be rotten, as if given to Rosa Ranek, there will be food poisoning at the cafeteria.

Nathan Kehler mentions that there are dents in the cans and if given to him to sell, he will come back the next day mentioning the difficulty of selling the cans.