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But what if she…
Who issues: Bastian Walner
Time to perform: not specified
Reward for execution: top secret blueprints
Penalty for not completing: no

Description[ | ]

Bastian suspects his wife of cheating on him and has asked me to follow her.

Conditions[ | ]

The quest The hunt for an engineer is completed.

Completion[ | ]

Find solid evidence of Clara having an affair: you can open the door and walk in while they are in the throes of lovemaking. Strangely, they don't notice Carl's presence.

Optionally talk to Clara first and accept a bribe to keep the affair hidden.

Talk to Bastian and either confirm or deny the affair (your choice).

Hint[ | ]

You might as well accept Clara's bribe before speaking with Bastian. After you speak to Bastian, Clara no longer offers the bribe.

She has an interesting story about how the affair (with Bastian's boss) is actually in Bastian's interests and done with the motive of preserving his job. Given the adverse outcome from hiding the affair, this story might be a less than fully honest picture of the status of their relationship.

If you choose to tell Bastian about the affair he will give you the blueprints. You can then plant contraband in his apartment and report him to the minster. He will get arrested and you get to keep the blueprints for free.

Consequences[ | ]

If you tell Bastian of the wife's affair, he will end the marriage, get fired from his job, and ultimately move out in disgrace. Before leaving, Bastian hands the blueprints to Carl because he no longer needs them due to getting fired. He will first ask for the blueprints back. You can return them, buy them for $5,000, or convince him to let you keep them for 1,000 reputation.

If you hide the affair, Bastian will pass the blueprints to Carl for safe-keeping, then later Clara will leave him, and he commits suicide.

Either way, after giving a concrete answer, Bastian will pass the nuclear weapon blueprints to Carl.

If you refuse to answer the issue, Bastian will eventually murder his wife and be arrested without ever passing the blueprints.

What a strange world where aiding nuclear proliferation leads to better outcomes.