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Blue tie
Icon tie blue
Sell: $65
Buy: $195
Blue tie
Icon tie blue
Sell: $650
Buy: $1950

Description[ | ]

A classic tie designed for every occasion.

When Illegal: Illegal Object Found!

Appearance[ | ]

Appears in some tenants' rooms, as well as in Nathan Kehler's shop at the start of the game.

Acquisition[ | ]

Can be found in tenants' rooms.

Can be purchased from Nathan Kehler for $195 while legal, or $1950 when illegal.

Use[ | ]

While legal, can be stockpiled for when they become illegal to sell at 10 times the original price. This occurs with government directive no. 6051 on September 11, 1984.

After they become illegal, can be planted in a tenant's room to blackmail or to evict them.

Also can be used to complete the quest Spick and span! given by Leo Gvizdek.

Owners[ | ]

Trivia[ | ]

  • The blue tie becomes illegal, but oddly, the green tie does not.
    • One could assume this is due to the blue tie being blue, but the blue shirt does not become illegal.