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Alloisius Shpak
Alloisius Shpak
Claims to be a famous cardiosurgeon
Gender: Male
Age: 47
Job: Doctor
Location: lives alone

When available for settlement[ | ]

After the task Crime and punishment is completed

Interests[ | ]

  • Collects stamps. Find a stamp album in his apartment
  • Keen on astronomy. Find a Spyglass in his apartment
  • Plays tennis. Find tennis kit in his apartment
  • Smokes a pipe. Observe him smoking.
  • Wine steward. Find wine in his apartment
  • Works out. Find dumbbells in his apartment

Personal items[ | ]

Special items[ | ]



Cruise tickets

Tasks provide with[ | ]

Lonely Alloisius

Love on the phone

Gathering data

Wedding preparations

Tasks involved in[ | ]

Difficult conversation

Martha's doctor

Life-threatening condition

Additional information[ | ]

He is a well-known surgeon in the country.

He's also very naive, gullible and suffers from loneliness. (This can be changed if you fulfil the quest Lonely Alloisius).

He will stop talking to Carl if he says that Sarah is an impostor. (Only possible if Sarah is chosen in the quest Lonely Alloisius).

After Sarah is gone, if Alloisius leaves or is arrested, all the belongings for the apartment will appear in the potted plant. (At least if they are in apartment 2)