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Albert Meineke
Albert Meineke
A very quiet man.
Gender: Male
Age: 35
Job: Unemployed
Location: Apartments

When available for settlement[ | ]

Settles in 10 hours, Antoine departs after Danton's phone-call regarding him.

Interests[ | ]

  • Albert Meineke can speak! See him talking on the phone.
  • Corresponds with foreigners. Find foreign letter in his apartment.
  • Foreign spy. Talk to Albert.
  • Likes to cook. See him cooking or find a cook book in his apartment.
  • Likes to fish. Find fishing rod in his apartment.
  • Plays chess. Find a chess piece in his apartment.
  • Smokes a pipe. See him smoking or find tobacco in his apartment
  • Wine steward. See him drinking wine or find wine in his apartment.

Personal items[ | ]

Special items[ | ]

Fake passports


Tasks provide with[ | ]

Document theft

The hunt for an engineer

Homeland will never forgive

Tasks involved in[ | ]

The last jerk

Saving a life

Additional information[ | ]

He is a spy from the enemy country.

He can help Carl & his family escape by -$10,000 if they help in the quest Homeland will never forgive and a further -$10,000 if the fake passports are taken from his apartment.

He has the most characteristics.

He shares the surname of Frau Meineke, a character in the 2006 film The Lives of Others, who observers agents of the East German secret police install surveillance equipment in the apartment of her neighbour.