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The following is the list of the 28 achievements in "Government Elite Mode" in the core game Beholder. The first 18th can also be obtained in "Trainee Mode".

List of achievements[ | ]

Icon Name Description
Bad Time Stories Bad Time Stories Tune the agitation device onto the children's radio wave
Bahama Mama Bahama Mama Set the Schimmers off to cruise
Billing Them Softly Billing Them Softly Be caught in theft
Dementia and Courage! Dementia and Courage! Drink poisoned coffee
Dirty Hands Dirty Hands Take part in the attempt on the life of the General
Easy Virtue Easy Virtue Clara lived in the house twice
Family Guy Family Guy Get on track with your family
I Choose Violence I Choose Violence Dishouse Klaus Schimmer in a hard way
I Did Nothing! I Did Nothing! Force a tenant to commit suicide
Iron Curtain Iron Curtain Carl left in the country
My Heart Will Go On My Heart Will Go On Set the Schimmers off to sailing the barge
No Man's Spy No Man's Spy Be out of conceit with the secret ending
Not a Big Dealer Not a Big Dealer Report the drug maker
Not So Dumb Not So Dumb This dumb is not mine!
Parental Control Parental Control Report Martha
Pimp My Bride Pimp My Bride Find a woman for Shpak
That's Because I'm Black That's Because I'm Black? Be killed by a tenant
White Papers, Black Mails White Papers, Black Mails Write a blackmailing letter
Trophy 23 Solitary Man Beholden To No One I have nothing to behold
Trophy 17 Patria o Muerte! Brave New World New Tomorrow is already here!
Trophy 25 Gold Standard Citizen Shteyn Carl became a gold standard of a model citizen
Trophy 18 Ignorance Is Power Freedom is Slavery State influence upon citizens life increased
Trophy 24 Social Unit Most Important Thing All family is alive
Trophy 21 Unpaid Holiday Their Grass is Greener Carl went abroad
Trophy 28 Fired! Out of a Cannon Validol or Validation? Carl failed fit and proper test
Trophy 20 War Is Peace War Never Changes Battle actions still take place on the border
Trophy 27 Borderline Disorder Wetback Wall Carl was caught on the border while he was trying to escape
Trophy 19 Make Peace, Not War What Is It Good For? The war ended with ceasefire