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Absentee certificate
Icon work card
Sell: $100
Buy: $300

Description[ | ]

Issued to Klaus Schimmer. These allow you to move around the country. It's illegal to leave the city without one.

Appearance[ | ]

Appears only in the quest Papers, please! should Carl choose to assist Klaus Schimmer.

Acquisition[ | ]

Obtained only through Mark Ranek in the quest Papers, please! by first talking to him regarding Schimmer's papers and bribing him with whiskey, influence, or money.

Use[ | ]

Its main purpose is to progress the storyline should Carl choose to help Klaus Schimmer. Giving Klaus the certificate completes Papers, please! and grants access to the task Farewell, motherland!

Alternatively, can be sold to Nathan Kehler for $100.

Trivia[ | ]

  • The absentee certificate allows for travel across the country, but Klaus Schimmer's was lost at the archives.
    • This is due to him going against the takeover of the apartment back when he owned it, thus the archive employees "lost" it.
    • Klaus explains that to get anything from the archive, one needs to be friends with the employees or else they are extremely inefficient and can lose documents.